The foundation of Every Body Yoga is held together by an incredible yoga instructor, Adriana. Adriana sparked my yoga practice a few years ago by showing me that becoming skillfully embodied & empowered could be a fun thing. She is so sweet, authentic, supportive, and hands down one of the most knowledgeable teachers I've had the pleasure of working with. Such a gem!

There are so many things in my life that don't make sense.....finding Adriana at Santee Yoga has changed me. Thanks for being so wonderful and bringing balance and joy to my life!

 Yoga has always been very important to me.  I have been practicing for at least twelve years.  In that time, I have had a variety of yoga teachers, visited different studios and classes, and encountered varying price points for these sessions.  I can honestly say that my husband and I felt like we hit the jackpot when we began Adriana Chavez's classes.

I first took classes from Adriana at a gym in Santee CA.  Her classes were wonderful, but always filled to the brim.  Due to her incredible popularity she began her own classes.  I couldn't be happier.  Adriana is full of encouragement for all of her students.  My husband was a beginner and he has shown much improvement with her teaching.  We attend Adriana's classes almost daily, and they never are the same.  This was a problem I had with another yoga teacher.  Her classes were too predictable.

Adriana has a spirit of care, kindness, and encouragement.  My husband and I always feel challenged by her amazing skills as a teacher and guide in the practice of yoga and meditation. Her studio has such a positive feeling.  Because we attend quite often price is another factor.  I can honestly say value for class and cost is beyond belief. I was paying triple the cost for other classes at other studios, and not receiving nearly the quality of class that Adriana provides.

All in all I cannot say enough positive things about Miss Chavez's ability to teach and inspire her students.  She is a wonderfully talented and intelligent young woman, and it is a pleasure to know her.

I feel like no matter what happens, it will all be OK because I have yoga.

I have taken yoga from many different instructors over the years and can honestly say Adriana is one of the best. She helps us to push our boundaries both physically and mentally in each class. I look forward to taking her class weekly and have been able to maintain flexibility as a result. My Husband also attends her classes and I've seen him become much more flexible which has helped him in other avenues of life, especially golfing. 

I drive from Imperial Beach to take class at Every Body Yoga and it's totally worth it!

Adriana is a wonderful teacher. She brings such joy and knowledge to each class. I have been following Adriana's practice for several years and its always fun (and as challenging as you want it to be). 

 I feel amazing, I didn't know I could do that!

 Adriana's yoga classes are wonderful.  She is a gifted, compassionate and kind instructor.  Her knowledge of yoga is vast and she shares it in an enthusiastic manner, tailored to each individual's needs. Her yoga classes will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired! 

The adjustments during classes are great as is the atmosphere for these classes. For the price you can't beat it!

Practicing yoga is bringing balance back into my life both physically and spiritually. Whether I'm sweating my way through vinyasa flow or attempting to deeply relax during a yin session Adriana is there with an encouraging word, a guiding hand, and insightful parables that always seem to apply directly to me. My only disappointment is that I did not find this studio sooner.

Adriana’s yoga class is a great way to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. I’ve been learning yoga with her for over 3 years, she is a kind and thoughtful teacher and the benefits are fantastic!

I didn't realize that my old friend was watching as I stood on 1 foot with ease to put my shoe on the other. I told her that it's because I practice my balance on the mat floors all the time at Every Body Yoga.

I have taken flow yoga classes with Adriana for over four years and really appreciate what a great teacher she is. She puts her heart and soul into each class, never doing the same routine twice. Adriana is very upbeat and encouraging, and I have made great strides in improving my strength, balance, and flexibility. I highly recommend Adriana’s classes, as everybody can benefit from  yoga.

Class with Adriana is always pleasant. I enjoyed my time there and wanted others to share that experience with me. I have brought multiple people to her classes and she gave them all the same warm greeting and made them feel comfortable being there. She teaches multiple levels of yoga throughout the month and I recommend enrolling to anyone interested in a welcoming yoga experience!

Adriana's class provides me with the perfect time to practice yoga in a way that physically strengthens and mentally refreshes me. Her pacing is wonderful with enough warm-up and cool-down and plenty of challenges for our strength and balance. She consistently offers a range of possibilities for each pose so that first-time and experienced students can feel comfortable and challenged. I love Adriana's sweet and positive personality, her motivational mantras, her hands-on adjustments and the soothing music she chooses for each class. I came into Adriana's studio with injuries and she has been so helpful in guiding me through and around them, so I can continue to grow and progress in my yoga practice. I am so happy to have found Every Body Yoga and recommend it highly!!

Hey Adriana,
I just wanted to say hey. I took your classes a while back with the groupon code, Brought my boyfriend to one.
I ended up moving but I saw your new website and wanted to say congrats and its really beautiful- I love that photo of you on the rocks! Your classes were wonderful and you have such a high spirit. Thanks so much.
& Good luck girl <3

-Katie B

Hi Adriana,
thanks for your awesome yoga class, your good thoughts, your soothing voice, your calm attitude, your gentle way to teach yoga. I always felt more relaxed and energized in the same way after the class. And I will miss it and you. It was only 5 weeks, but you are my number 1 yoga teacher of all time :-). See you next year, or when you want in Germany, you will be always welcome.