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Every Body Yoga Studio is based in Santee, California. We provide yoga for everybody, in all walks of life.


Adriana Chavez, Owner & Yoga Instructor

Adriana has been teaching yoga in the Santee community for years. She loves, lives and and breathes yoga with passion. She does this by inspiring a personalized and healthy yoga practice for Every Body. She has taught all over San Diego, and currently also teaches yoga at UCSD. With a Bachelors of Science degree from UCSD in Cognitive Psychology, Her motto is that yoga is for every body, and every mind. Yoga brings the body and mind into balance. She started Every Body Yoga Studio in order to bring affordable and accessible yoga to the daily lives of the  San Diego East County Community.




Cheri Siebler, Yoga Instructor

Cheri has always been interested in movement As a child she enjoyed gymnastics, swim, and even dance. After yoga helped her to heal from a car accident, she decided it was time to explore yoga as a lifestyle rather than just a means of exercise. At the urging of family who had known the benefits of yoga for years; it was finally clear that this was her true destiny. It's the love of seeing in others that they can heal & they are fully in charge of their Body, Mind & Spirit that really makes teaching a joy for her! Nutritionist and head of the Bigger Bodies Yoga Program.


Mendy Hilgert, Yoga Instructor

Mendy has been practicing Yoga since 2004. She was looking for a way to release the stress that often comes along with juggling a career and family. After just one yoga class she was hooked and began practicing yoga on a daily basis.  Not only did yoga change her body It also changed her life. In 2009 she began teaching yoga as a way to share it with as many people as possible. She encourages her students to practice with intention and really listen to their body. She also encourages them to challenge themselves by offering challenging Vinyasa flow classes that welcome all levels from beginner to advanced.


Amanda Limon, Yoga Instructor

“Practice yoga for the physical body but also practice for the soul.”

I have a passion on sharing the love of yoga with those around me. Yoga is a mindset before moment. By focusing on breathing you can obtain clarity throughout your mind, then the poses follow. Let go of judgements and welcome movement into your body. I build classes for all levels, encourage new movement to beginners and further exploration of the body to regular practitioners. I stumbled upon my journey of yoga 5 years ago strictly for the physical practice. Little did I know, I would fall in love with the way it made me feel mentally. I enjoy sharing the love of yoga with everyone around me.

Michael Birmingham, Yoga Instructor

In 2013 I suffered a traumatic back injury and found yoga was instrumental in my return to health and wellness.  Shortly thereafter I discovered its potential to center, calm and heal.  I became a yoga junkie, helping me spark a journey of both personal and professional growth. In 2016 I completed my 200hr RYS training  and ever since Yoga has become an outlet for wellness and expression in movement. As a voracious reader and avid class-taker  I love constantly pushing myself to improve as a student and teacher and sharing my learning and journey with others. I hope to bring the same sense of healing and wellness to others while having fun and challenging the body and mind union to its fullest expression.  As a musician I love yoga’s application to voice and the breath. I strive to make my classes playful, creative and centering. 


Jill Garcia, Yoga Teacher

My goal as a yoga teacher is to leave students feeling inspired and uplifted in their practice and their life. Yoga has made such a huge impact on my life, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well, and I want to share that transformational gift with others. I have dealt with several major injuries and illnesses, so I am sensitive to the fact that not every pose will feel good or work for every person, but modifications and props can be game changers! Yoga is about so much more than just the poses and has the power to change your life. I find great joy in being able to hold space for and witness this transformative power in others. It truly is a gift.


Darek "The Sun Watcher" Oktaba, Yoga Instructor

Hello! My name is Darek. I'm La Jolla certified.
I teach yoga with a passion that cannot be denied.
It is both rather muscular and rather Hatha too;
With hands on adjustments, I'd be glad to show you.

Deepen your practice with my signature moves
With postures held longer, using muscles rarely used.
Strength, balance & stretch combined with binding & twisting
Gives you an intense workout that's empowering & uplifting.

I focus on alignment once target muscles are selected
And you begin to realize you are stronger than expected.
Developing that core strength could not be any sweeter
And all sessions are conducted with the addition of a heater.

You'll feel great today, but Sore Tomorrow
With a new sense of strength in the days that follow.
Your body and soul are both muscles alike;
Keep them active and strong so they can shine bright.

If just one person benefits from this yoga seed
Then my job is done, and I'll be happy indeed.
I hope you'll feel invigorated, deep down inside your core
So you & even your muscles will be calling out for more.

Dalal Khazaal, Yoga Instructor

Hi my name is Dalal; I go by “Dee”… 

I started practicing Yoga in 2006 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia And I fell in love with yoga from the first class, because it made me feel something in myself for the first time. From that point on I kept growing which made me love it even more.

Being a new resident of San Diego, I feel very fortunate to have found a positive community to improve others and myself continuously.

My classes involve a mixture of both Vinyasa flow and Yin, making it range from  soothing and peaceful to an energetic physical practice. 

Alicia Valerio, Yoga Instructor

"Yoga with Love; Yoga is Love"
Headhunter’ed and awed by Darek, definitely Hatha sensei who delivers pure karmatic realignment for the mind and the body. Alicia starts “zen” but finishes “muscular” with ALWAYS 100% flawless transitions in between. Also; Alicia always demonstrates 100% of poses.


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Debra Alison, Yoga Instructor & Photographer

Steve Lauria, Personal Trainer

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